Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eat Like A King at Vikings!

Eat like a king at Vikings! Photo from Vikings SM Lanang Facebook Page

Eating is one of my ways to relieve myself from accumulated stress, aside from writing and listening to my favorite songs. Sometimes you would find me eating almost every hour. And whenever I go outside my house, I always make sure that I'd try all restaurants in my city. My palate is adventurous and I thank myself for being like that.

Yesterday, I had the most sinful gastronomic adventure to date. I ate lunch like a King at Vikings!

After completing my medical exams, we went straight to SM Lanang Premier to try the latest addition (and addiction) of the premier mall of Davao City - Vikings. I have heard about Vikings about a year ago from a friend of mine told me that they serve an array of dishes - Japanese, Korean, Italian, Filipino, Chinese, you name it. It's nirvana to food junkies like me! And since then, I have always wanted to try Vikings near MOA but I wasn't able to do such due to lack of time (and money as well kay hastang mahala!).

A few months ago, I have read a press release the opening of Vikings' first branch outside Metro Manila, and yes, it's in DAVAO! Yey, the gods and goddesses have finally heard my prayers and hurem-hurem! (LOL)

Vikings SM Lanang's interior. Nice!

When we arrived at Vikings, there were so many people outside the restaurant, waiting for their names to be called. It's like a scene from the airport's pre departure area! I did not expect that we still have to wait for our turn since (i) it's lunch time; and (ii) it's Monday. At least there were seats outside the restaurant, which made the waiting less hassle. Shortly after, our names were called and we entered the place that I considered holier than heaven. What.

The interior of Vikings is huge, and there were so many people inside the buffet restaurant. But despite the crowd, the ambience was still peaceful, and everything was well organized. Usually, buffet restaurants are chaotic and messy, but not for Vikings. True enough, in every rule, there is always an exemption.

The first 'buffet station' that we've tried was the Japanese sushi/sashimi station, and I must say that... THEY HAVE THE BEST TASTING SUSHI AND SASHIMI IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE! NOMNOMFEST.COM #ALLCAPSKASIINTENSEANGFEELINGS! I never expected that their sushis and sashimi would be THAT great. Ain't joking here, dude. And oh, don't forget to try their authentic Japanese pizza. Must try!

Sushi station

First plate.

Next stop: the grilled food station. We tried some of their grilled food. You just have to get your desired food-to-be-grilled (fish, squid, chicken, or pork) and the chefs are going to grill it for you. So much for being a king!

Grilled good stuff

Sea food platter

The Italian station of the restaurant is also a must try. Their lasagnas tasted good; my personal favorite is their beef lasagna. You can also create your own pizza! If you have what it takes to be the next Pizza Idol, then show of your mad pizza-making skills to everyone! My mouth is just waiting though.


Health-conscious people, and as well as pretentious people (lol kidding) should not worry about their diet and figure. The salad bar offers a temporary refuge for them. LOL kidding again. But on a serious note, their salad bar was awesome!

Salad oh!

The best station of Vikings? The dessert station. I got extremely happy when I found that the buffet restaurant offers unlimited frozen yoghurt. LIKE OMAYGAAADDD FROZEN YOGHURT TOPPED WITH STRAWBERRIES. I'm seriously craving for it!

At Vikings, you can celebrate your birthday for FREE! Just present your valid IDs that would verify your birthdate and you can eat like a king at Vikings free of charge! Not only that, you'll be serenaded by the ever dynamic band of Vikings!

Here's the price list of Vikings at SM Lanang Premier:

Way, way cheaper than their MOA or SM Marikina branch due to cheaper commodities here in Davao

Overall, my gastronomic adventure at Vikings was truly amazing. The ambience is just perfect, everything's organized from start to finish, food is superb, and most of all, customer service is definitely great - a big plus to the biggest buffet restaurant in the whole Philippines.

And for the verdict? See photo below:

Happy and satisfied tummies. Dad took this photo though.

Davaoeños surely welcomed Vikings with a bang! Everyone just wanted to become a king even just for a day... or even just for a few hours! Really satisfying and worth every cent that we spent.


PS: For promos and inquiries, visit and like their Facebook page here!

PPS: All photos were taken from my iPhone 4 unless otherwise stated. Yep, just so you know!


  1. Everyone is talking about it in Davao. We will invade it soon pag visit namo. My evil side tell me to get a fake ID to pose as bday celeb, to avail the free. But ofcourse I'll not do it, ang kalibanga di baya magsaba. Hahaha.

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