Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gastronomic Adventure: Ginger's Café Bistro

Kainan naaa!

Work has been awesome so far. I have learned a lot from my recent facility rotations in Area Control Center and Radar Approach. But, I still believe that "all-work-no-play" is dangerous to one's health; sometimes we have to tweak our work schedule in order to play. Haha! A week ago, Brenna invited me to try this newly opened restaurant in Clark. Since it is my day-off and I miss road trips, I immediately accepted her invite. Woot woot!

Little did I know that this restaurant that we were about to try was no ordinary one.

Located at the heart of Angeles City, Pampanga (near Clark Freeport Zone), Ginger's Café Bistro is a new place in Clark where food junkies should try. The restaurant serves Western European dishes and the dishes were somehow new to my palate. I have never tried authentic Western European cuisine before and the closest thing that I have ever tried was a 'Greek' salad from a 'Filipino' resto. I am not questioning its authenticity though... But... you get my point!

Going back to our story, we first tried Ginger's Garden Salad. It is their signature salad armed with crispy and fresh romaine lettuce, arugula, romaine curly endive, sun dried tomatoes (which I initially thought was a dried strawberry), candied walnuts, and grapes in strawberry ginger dressing. So far, it is the best tasting salad that I've tried so far! I loved the sweet and salty taste of the salad. Hindi siya nakauumay!

Salad oh!

The second dish that we tried was the Spanish Omelet Sashimi. It is a healthy mixture of egg and spinach in a sashimi way. This dish is perfect for those who do not like eating green leafy vegetables because you won't even taste the spinach plus it's perfectly healthy!

Omelet! Nomnom

Next dish: Fusilli Napolitana Pasta plus the European Ham sandwich. I have to admit that I am a fan of pastas most especially if it uses authentic tomato sauce. I never liked the Pinoy-style pasta because it is just too sweet for my taste. *Cues sad music here*. The Fusilli Napolitana Pasta's main ingredients are the following: sautéed tomato, garlic, onion, chopped parsley with tomato sauce, tossed in spiral pasta topped with basil leaves. Phewww! And oh, the European Ham sandwich, complete with Romaine lettuce, Spanish salami, Serrano ham, tomato, onion, and cheddar cheese, is a great complement to the pasta.

Pasta oh-lala!

And the last but not the least, the ultimate Lemon Ginger Chicken! It is actually Ginger's Café Bistro's pride! It is a savory half chicken, marinated in lemon and ginger with special herbs and spices, baked to perfection, served in lemon butter gravy and baked potatoes. When in Ginger's Café Bistro, you should NEVER, EVER MISS THIS DISH!

Lemon Chicken! The best!

After finishing their food (LOL #BaboyMode but it is actually good!), I took time to observe the interior of the restaurant. The place used to be a French restaurant and they only did a little change with regards to the interior. Much of the original light fixtures, tables, and chairs were still the same. Also, I have noticed that one of their decors include model vintage planes, which hung right above the bar and as well as a photo montage of planes. Later, I found out that the owner is somewhat associated to Dornier. If you are an aviation enthusiast, well, that name will surely ring a bell to you! Small world!

We definitely had a great time at Ginger's Cafe Bistro. The staff were attentive and nice. The food was really great; the long drive to Clark was indeed worth it! Visit Ginger's Café Bistro at 588 Don Juico Ave., Clarkview, Angeles City, Pampanga. For inquiries and reservations, please call (045) 598.1408 / (0999) 818.0331

Café's interior.



  1. Parang ang sarap ng fusilli napolitana pasta. nakakagutom tong blog post na to sobra! :)))))

  2. the salad looks nice


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