Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Geek Travels: Finalist for MBA Best Travel Blog

Finalist for MBA! Yahoo!

I created this travel blog last June 2011 simply because I wanted to document my travels. I never thought that I'd get serious into blogging though. In November 2011, my blog was one of the finalist for the Philippine Blog Awards under the category of Best Travel Blog. Even though I did not bring home the bacon, it was the best moment of my blogging life during that time. My blog was barely five months old and it was such an honor to be part of that prestigious blogging event.

A few days ago, I received an email from Mindanao Blog Awards. And yes, it's official: The Geeks Travels is once again a finalist for the Mindanao Blog Awards - Best Travel Blog category. Yey!

For two years, I have been sharing my travel stories around Philippines, and as well as in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. More so, I share not just my travel experiences but also my gastronomic adventures as well. Along the way, The Geek Travels became a chronicle of a scrawny nerd who had itchy feet and had a huge appetite. Although, I honestly do not consider my travel blog as a great reference for traveling. Unlike other veteran travel bloggers who have undeniably dedicated their lives in fighting crime and the forces of evil writing a very detailed itineraries, must-sees, recommendations, and other important information, my travel blog is simply a personal travel blog. I write my experiences in a quirky way. I was really clueless as to how and why I gained a number of followers in a short period of time. Is it due to my style of writing? Or is it because of my photos? I do not know. But beyond those queries, I still consider myself a noob. I still have lots of things to learn about blogging (even though I started blogging way back in 2006). Likewise, being a finalist for a major blogging event is indeed a milestone for The Geek Travels.

Iligan adventures.
Brand new day.

Despite the lack of time of updating this blog, I would still like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my followers who constantly reads my blog. You guys are awesome and this means a LOT to me!

To my co-finalist, Kuya Olan, Lai, Nanardxz, and Remo, congratulations and good luck to us! Honestly, we are all winners. I mean, no matter how different we are in terms of ideas, culture, and beliefs, we still have one common goal: to promote Mindanao as a primary tourist destination here in the Philippines.

I know it is indeed challenging to us but I am confident that one day, everything will soon pay off; everything is going to be worth it.

Soar high, Mindanao!




  1. In ferness, hapit ko makahilak because of this line "no matter how different we are in terms of ideas, culture, and beliefs, we still have one common goal: to promote Mindanao as a primary tourist destination here in the Philippines."

    Good luck! :)

    1. As in ate Ri? Hahaha, thanks! Sakit baya sa heart kung may marinig/mabasa akong ignorant comment about Mindanao! It's like parang kulang pa yung ginawa ko to promote Mindanao. I guess it's a challenge to all Mindanaoan bloggers, right? Hoping to attend the awards night. Woot!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Renzy! :) I agree with you. Being one of those bloggers/social media users who dedicated our time and efforts to promote Mindanao and somehow change that negative perception about our beautiful islands, I think we are all winners! :) And you and this blog deserve that recognition. :)

    GOODLUCK Renzy Boy!

    1. Thanks Koya!!! Woohoo, see you sa awards night, yes? YES!

  3. nice post.. keep write these articles..Thanks..


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